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Weihai Yunlong Composite Textile Material Co., Ltd. was established in October 2001. Through investing and introducing international advanced high-tech equipment from Switzerland in 2002, we successfully became the first manufacturer of China for "LONTEX - three-prevention-one-penetration-one-resistance" new functional composite textile materials, and then successfully obtained four national patents of China. As a high-tech enterprise of Weihai city, we cooperate with Chinese people's Liberation Army General Hospital (hospital 301) to undertake a national key project of "two-high-one-top".

Now, we mainly produce all kinds of waterproof, moisture-permeable functional composite fabrics, which are widely used in medical/health, military protection, outdoor sports, sports leisure and other fields, and can provide users with all aspects of personal protection. These products are being used in a lot of companies (such as Porvair, Lining, Bosideng, etc.). Because we own good cooperative relationships with a number of garment manufacturers, we are able to provide ready-made garment for customers too. At the same time, we are expanding the factory of medical health professional protective clothing; we are going to have better abilities to offer more comprehensive services to customers.